Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon Halloween Edition X Nulu Reserve Bundle

Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon Halloween Edition X Nulu Reserve Bundle


Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon Whiskey Initially sweet, balanced mouthfeel and spicy notes including white pepper, from the younger vintage and high rye mash bill. Sweet oak flavors, hints of caramel, fruit flavor, and rye spice. Finishes smooth with no burn.



Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon

Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon whiskey initially candy, balanced mouthfeel and highly spiced notes together with white pepper, from the more youthful vintage and excessive rye mash bill. Candy okay flavors, recommendations of caramel, fruit flavor, and rye spice. Finishes clean without a burn.

This edition consists of a unique Halloween label bottle.

Nulu Reserve instantly Bourbon Whiskey is bottled unfiltered at cask power. The ensuing bourbon offers a rich, layered bourbon that punches in above its quick time within the barrel. Even as unmarried barrels can constantly range, if this barrel is any representation in their abilities to supply barrels, color me inspired.

The package deal consists of one bottle of every.

The VERY constrained directly Bourbon Halloween edition. Bottle label glows in the dark.

This constrained-edition bottle capabilities a unique layout with bones with a black and orange label, celebrating Halloween.

Smoke Wagon straight Bourbon was launched in fall of 2019, with an aim to create a low-priced ordinary bourbon that had that precise and unmistakable Smoke Wagon taste, together with sensitive sweet notes with a rye spice finish.

Barrels with the equal excessive rye mash invoice had been racked on the top two floors of their warehouse and in no way rotated.

The higher the floor the hotter it receives inside the summer inflicting more expansion and greater movement into the wooden. This creates a bourbon this is rich and creamy beyond its years. By no means rotating the barrels guarantees there aren’t any harsh tannin flavors and the high rye mash invoice provides a delightfully spicy and nutty finish.

Honey, toasted nuts, and with a few all right and warmth.

Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon Taste

Creamy mouthfeel with initial rich sweet notes of honey and caramel on the tip of the tongue followed by using nuts, oak, and pepper spice that starts on the edges of your tongue. The nuttiness and o.K. Fade as pepper spice from the rye takes over the lot of your pallet. Finishes with a creamy sweetness that coats accompanied by another time through very well and pepper spice that lingers.

Forty six.25% ABV


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