Blanton Green

Blanton Green


They are aged 6-8 years and have a higher rye content. Blanton’s is all about quality and only produces a limited amount, which is what makes them so hard to obtain.



Blanton Green

Blanton Green Label was created for connoisseurs who appreciate smoothness in their bourbon.

Blanton’s Special Reserve Green Label is bottled at 80 proof and created with Mash Bill #2, a sour mash of corn, malted barley, and extra rye before maturing in American White Oak casks.

The palate has a light airy feel making it an easy sipping bourbon.

The nose on this one is rich with sour notes of well-cooked citrus of bright oranges or lemons, mingled with very mild hints of tobacco and sweet vanilla notes.

Soft and silky on the palate, with blended rich cream, cardamom, ginger, and spice.

The finish is bitter with a creamy coating.

Features of Blanton Green

Size: 700 or 750 ml
Proof: 80
Created: Buffalo Trace Distillery

  • Best Known As “Liquid Gold”
  • Expertly Aged 6–8 Years
  • Single Barrel Bourbon


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